Yoga anyone?

Yoga, anyone?

An Atrium yoga class

We feel fortunate in the Atrium to have a highly qualified Hatha yoga instructor come to our building for one hour and 15 minutes of yoga every Monday at 11:00.  Our class consists of members of all ages, including some who are over 90 years young!  Some of these attendees – both male and female — do chair yoga, while others are on mats on the floor.  The cost of each 8-week session is $80 ($10 per week), plus a small fee for Commons Room rental.

Come join us and increase your flexibility, balance, and core strength, and even do a bit of socialization with other owners in the building.

Yoga at the Atrium has been paused during the pandemic, but we hope to be able to reinstate it as soon as covid restrictions allow.

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