Atrium Fitness Center

One of the most well-used rooms in the Atrium is the recently upgraded Fitness Center.  The equipment was purchased with both younger and older owners in mind, and currently, the Fitness Center houses 10 different types of machines: 2 treadmills, a stair-stepper, a bike, a recumbent bike, a rowing machine, a set of free weights with a cushioned bench, a large multi-component weight machine, an elliptical, and a newly purchased recumbent cross-trainer elliptical bike.  Besides this plethora of equipment, the room also has medicine balls, stretching mats, and a Bosu balance trainer.  There truly is something for everyone – no excuses!


Additionally, several Atrium owners are walkers.    The architectural set-up of the building —  with hallways on each floor overlooking the atrium area – creates a pleasant atmosphere for walkers.  Some owners can be seen walking around the Atrium square every day of the week:  16.5 laps makes a mile if you are walking in the middle of the hallway.  In other terminology, 4 laps is a bit short of ¼ mile, but if you walk on the outside edge of the hallway, 4 laps should give you ¼ mile.  Go for it!

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